Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Android متابعة ضغط كاوتش السيارة من شاشات الأندرويد

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رمز المنتج: CRXS250 التصنيفات: ,

يتم تركيب السنسور مكان بلف الكاوتش ثم يتم متابعة الضغط ودرجة الحرارة بتوصيل الusb بشاشة اندرويد او الموبايل


Main Features

It is possible to prevent accidents and protects the tires. It also can save more fuel. With it, your car will work in the best condition.

Main Features:
● TPMS for Android navigation: the receiver can connect to the car DVD / multimedia player / GPS navigation, install the app and check the tire data on the screen, very convenient to use
● Quick air leakage alarm: real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring, with 4 tire data displaying on your DVD screen, prevent tire burst, extend the tire’s life and save fuel
● Abnormal alarm: after connecting to the car DVD, it will send you the sound prompt when abnormal occasions occur, such as high and low tire pressure alarm, high-temperature alarm, etc.
● Accurate and durable: with advanced and professional technology, ensure the stable signal and accurate data

● Working voltage: DC 5V
● Working current: less than 15mA
● Working frequency: 433MHz
● Working temperature: -40 – 85 Deg.C
● Connector: USB
Internal sensor
● Working voltage: 2.1 – 3.5V
● Working frequency: 433MHz
● Pressure measuring range: 0 – 116 psi (0 – 8 bar)
● Temperature measuring range: -40 – 125 Deg.C
● Working temperature: -40 – 125 Deg.C
● Battery: every sensor built-in 1 x CR2050

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