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DIY Fingerprint Verification Set kids toy developmental kid toys Science Laboratory Analysis Experiments Toy Educational Detective Game For Kids novelty toy

Material: plastic
Box size: 8.34”*7.16”*2.36”/21.20×18.20×6CM
Weight: 260g/set

Recommend for children over 10 years old.


Search and analysis of the fingerprint is the most famous work for forensics.

When people touch the object, there will be some fat or sweat dried left to the fingertip.

In the same manner, when the palm or toe touches the object, it will leave some traces to be identifiable.

Every fingerprint is quite unique and never be the same. The line on the fingertip and the ridge line together form one piece of unique fingerprint logo.

Even the father and son, mother and daughter, twin brothers, the fingerprints still have different finger thread characteristics.

Through this fingerprint identification kit to cultivate the spirit of scientific exploration of children.

The kit contains: instruction booklet, a stamp pad, brush, magnifier, bottle for dusting powder, classification cards and so on.

Note: Fingerprint powder is not included for security reasons. You can use some baby powder instead

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