لعبة تكوين الكواكب التعليميه

السعر الأصلي هو: 815 جنيه.السعر الحالي هو: 455 جنيه.

رمز المنتج: GKXH434 التصنيفات: ,

Description Build your own glow in the dark solar system planetarium model of 30cm span. Assemble, paint and highlight it with glow effects. Watch it glow in the dark as in space! Contains 3D Solar System planetarium model, brush, strip of paint pots and glow paint, stand with rotating arms, nine steel bars, sand paper, Saturn ring template and detailed instructions with bonus wall chart of the Solar System.ue required). Micro rechargeable battery, solar panel, and other accessories. the sunlight will drive the motor and then the space station will run, an the astronaut will walk. The space station can be transformed in to the Space Mech, which can walk under the direct sunlight. Children can discover the vast space by playing with this kit.

The kit can be powered by either a solar panel or a micro rechargeable battery ( both are included in the kit). The micro rechargeable battery can be charged in two ways. One is charged by direct sunlight, and the other one is charged alkaline batteries (not included)

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