باور بانك 10000 مللي أمبير بعدد 2 مخرج 1 أمبير

السعر الأصلي هو: 964 جنيه.السعر الحالي هو: 686 جنيه.

غير متوفر في المخزون

رمز المنتج: MOH001 التصنيف:

Exquisite and portable, handheld size but high capacity(10000mAh). Unique Anti-Fingerprints design, more cleanly on its surface when you hold it in any places.

Double USB Port (2Amp+1Amp Output), allows for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android, and more at high speed.

Intelligent Safety Protection – Supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection, more safe to use.

Backup flashlight, will be a good helper if you need an emergent light like camping, hiking and any emergency occasions.

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